Race: Westphalian
Gender: Mare
Age: 2015
Date of Birth: 2015-01-25
Color: Grey
Height: M
Level of Training:


Exorbitant xxDE 306062470284
St.Pr.St. Sevilla OLDDE 433330719403
Sandro HitDE 333330471993
Sandro SongDE 333330863088
El.St. LorettaDE 333330150587
St.Pr.St. WeinrubinaDE 333330172094
RohdiamantDE 333330111490
Verb.Pr.St. WeinleseDE 333330332786


Etoile means "star" in the French word, and here is the name program

This mare is preparing to become a big star.

Even her ancestry makes her something extraordinary: she is the world's last daughter of the Holstein stallion Expo'se, who, even successful up to the heavy class in the quadrangle, as the father of many Grand Prix winners and also as a mother father, e.g. of the outstanding stallion Belantis, caused a sensation.

Her mother Sevilla MT OLD was reserve winner of the Oldenburg Elite Show and subsequently became internationally successful as a young horse up to the class S in the quadrangle and is half-sister to Augustin OLD, who selbeer was considered one of the best dressage horses in the world as a winner in the Nuremberg Burgpokal and fifth place at the European Championship of Dressage Riders.

Etoile got a foal at the age of four, she took in uncomplicatedly and showed herself to be an exemplary mother mare.

After dropping off her foal, the mare was gently ridden in the winter and shines also in this profession.
She is very horse-riding and willing to learn, is always enthusiastic about the matter and always tries to please the rider.
It has a serene and expansive step that always goes through the whole body, an excellent hind leg, which is already well below the body in both the trot and the gallop and an excellent balance. She is talented and willing when jumping free and working under the saddle.

X-ray images obB from 2017 are available, can be recreated if necessary.

Etoile has an absolute dream character. She is always attentive and lovely, good in handling, with blacksmiths and loading. She loves to be cleaned and caressed and is always turned to man. She knows the attitude in the herd, both in the box and in the open barn and, like all our horses, has a lot of run-out.
We are looking for a good home for her with an appropriate attitude, in which she can be the star she has always been.
Breeders will find here a high quality outcross pedigree, riders a great buddy for all divisions.

Etoile can be visited with us, for an appointment you will be happy to tell us.

Location: Cappeln
Price: C-D
Contact: Gestüt Vorwerk
Macrostraße 4
49692 Cappeln

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